2007/08 vs 2018/19: Could the great escape be on again this season?

11 Years ago many Fulham fans were in the same position they are now. Looking relegated with only a few months of the season to go.

We all know the story, Bullard’s free-kicks, Kamara against City and Danny Murphy’s header at Portsmouth made the great escape one of the greatest stories in Premier League history. But could it happen again?

Let’s have a look at the stats from this point that season compared to now.


As you can see it looks like an unsalvagable situation for Fulham this season. The club are two points worse of than they were 11 years ago but to make matters worse they are four points further adrift from safety.

On top of all this Fulham have to play against better opposition with the average position of the teams they play in the last 10 games being 8th whilst in 2007/08 it was 11th.

Fulham’s chances of survival look very bleak and if the club are to stay up this season it would be an even bigger miracle than the great escape just over a decade ago.

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