Exclusive: Craig Kline explains why Konstantinos Mitroglou flopped at Fulham and how badly he was injured after joining

One of the greatest mysteries in Fulham’s history is why Kostas Mitroglou never worked out at the club. He was a goal machine at Olympiakos before he joined and was prolific at Benfica after leaving, so why didn’t it work out for him at Fulham?

Former assistant Director of Football Craig Kline has explained Fulham’s lackadaisical approach to the signing saying the club failed to complete a thorough medical for the Greek striker and signing him regardless of injury.

” I was told by Mark Taylor (Head of Sports Medicine and Exercise Science) that Alistair [Mackintosh] didn’t let him do Mitrogloy pass/fail” Kline told FullofFulham.

“They weren’t allowed to do pass/fail medicals, it was just ‘assess the player, if he has an injury tell me what the injury is and then tell us how much rehabillitation he will need.

“I saw the medical report on Mitroglou, it said he was injured and needed six weeks of rehabilitation, of course, he got much less than that, he of course was injured so played like an injured player standing around not doing anything.”

It isn’t the first time a club has signed an injured player, Arsenal’s acquisition of Kim Kallstrom springs to mind but when you make a record signing to save you from relegation then play him whilst he isn’t fit it is inexcusable.

Perhaps Magath had fixed him up with another of his magic remedies after telling Brede Hangeland to rub cheese on his injured leg, but it comes as no surprise that Mitroglou flopped at Fulham if he indeed didn’t get the treatment he needed to play to his full ability.

The Greek striker was surely good enough, he would score 20 goals in the Portuguese League the next season and score prolifically for Marseille later in his career.

Mitroglou will always go down in history as Fulham’s worst ever signing but the blame should not be placed on the man himself, rather the laziness of the backroom staff who cut corners in the quest to keep Fulham up by any means necessary.

Listen to the audio below!

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